Mahnaz Food

Mahnaz Food loves food. Food not only brings us together but also our friends and families. Some of you may have food products for its wonderful tastes, medicinal properties, nutritious benefits or even merely because you are just fond of food products; While we deliver fine food products for your well-being and cravings.
Mahnaz Food which is our brand name, is one of the biggest importers dedicated to distributing, processing, and packaging of high quality Nuts, Dried Fruit, Health Foods, Juice, Oil, Confectionery, Spices, and much more.
Mahnaz Food proudly offers over 2700 SKU’s in the market. The company has been established since 1996 and has continued growing yearly in Malaysia. It has over 14 branches throughout the country and supplies various supermarkets & stores. Being attentive of detail and quality has positioned
Mahnaz Food as one of the leading quality food providers in various markets. Our main goal is further increase our market share and continuously offer our esteemed customers with new and delightful fine products.