Pegah UTH Milk (full fat)

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What's in the box: Pegah UTH Milk (full fat)

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Type: Milk

Expiry Date: 8/2017

Origin Country: Iran

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UHT or ultra heat treated milk is a form of milk that has been heated to a temperature of at least 135ºC in order to kill off any harmful micro-organisms (e.g. harmful bacteria) which may be present in the milk. The milk is then packaged into sterile containers. All milk that is available for sale to consumers through supermarkets and milkmen must be pasteurised i.e. heated to 71.7ºC in order to make it safe for consumers and improve its shelf life. However UHT milks have a longer shelf life as a result of the higher temperatures to which they are heated and the packaging used to store them.

Benefit of full fat milk had as much as a 46 percent lower risk of developing diabetes. Full fat milk also can make the body free from cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. It also for those who want to gain weight and also a lower risk of becoming overweight and obese.

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