Pegah UHT Milk (low fat)

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What's in the box: Pegah UHT Milk (low fat)

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Type: Milk

Expiry Date: 8/2017

Origin Country: Iran

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Low fat milk simply put is milk, minus the creamy fat that it regularly comes with. Technically that process is called centrifugation. Not to be confused with skimmed milk, low fat has 1% to 2% of fat as opposed to skimmed, which has less than 0.5% fat. The cream left behind after centrifugation is later used to make cream, butter and other dairy products.

Low fat milk is a healthier choice for you and your family, simply because it contains all the essentials present in milk.  Since the calorie count is low, this milk can be consumed by people with special needs like diabetics, the overweight and the elderly.

Consumption of low-fat milk helps restrict the percentage of fat intake considerably, especially the saturated fats present in whole milk. This helps regulate blood cholesterol levels and thus decrease the chances of heart disease taking place. The proteins present in low fat milk are untouched during its processing, hence it is considered as a source of biological protein.  The presence of calcium and vitamin D help in both the building and maintenance of bones and teeth.

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