Meysu Pomegranate Juice 1Liter

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What's in the box: Meysu Pomegranate Juice 1Liter

General Features:

Net Weight (kg): 1

Gross Weight (kg): 1.2

Size (L x W x H): 6 x 6 x 25


Product details:
Pomegranate juice is wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice. A little sweet, a little tart, and a whole lot of healthy. Powered by pomegranate antioxidants, it’s authentic, delicious and 100% pure. There is no added sugar, colorants or cheap filler juices. Over $35 million has been provided as part of POM’s commitment to scientific research on POM products worldwide, so raise a glass to life and to the pursuit of healthiness.

Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure and Normal Cholesterol Levels, Support the Immune, System and Maintain Normal Glucose Levels (National Institute of Health), Improve Iron Absorption and Maintain Strong Healthy Teeth & Gums (USDA MyPlate), Restore Vital Body , Electrolytes for Overall Vitality, Health & Well-Being, Maintain Normal Cell Growth, Support the Digestive System and Provide Healthful Nutrients for Every Single Stage of life.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 25 cm